Mortgage Info

Georgia Residential Mortgage Licensee #5667
Andrew C. Jensen Loan Officer #166935
NMLS 166303

Buford Finance offers a wide variety of mortgage programs which are structured to meet your individual needs. There is never a charge out of your pocket for any of our services, and if your loan is not closed for whatever reason no money is lost by yourself. So in this case the old saying applies “It never hurts to try” even if you're not sure you will qualify.

A few of the programs mentioned above include:


  • Loans for the purchase of a new home!
  • First mortgage rate and term refinance!
  • Equity loans for the purpose of debt consolidation, college, home improvement loans, etc...!
  • FHA and First Time Homebuyer Programs!

For whatever your needs may be our qualified professionals are here to help you with our best rate possible and our most courteous service. Our rates are very competitive and our employees are earnest, hard working individuals who strive to make your life easier.

Give us a call today at (770)945-0411 to discuss your options and the type of financing that will best meet your needs. Or just complete the brief mini-application and one of our loan professionals will contact you as soon as possible. Remember our experience and advice is free so take advantage of it today!!!